Naser Sobhan - Software Developer

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Software developer


Freelance 2018-01-18

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MIS/GIS Sys IRD/blumont
Data Mgt SysGIZ
Ooyta Dev.Engine Sobhansoft
bespoke AppsBlueMedia
bespoke AppsGraphicBox


Phone : +93(0) 797 280 900
Email : [email protected]
Skype : m.naser.sobhan

Hi I am Naser,
Since at the age of 14, I was developing applications and softwares till now. These applications includes web, desktop, mobile, MIS Systems, data and reporting portal, etc., All projects focuses highly on automation and interactivity which can help clients(users) handle the tool easier,get result faster and organize everything with better result.
I have more than 9 years of professional experience knowing lots of computer languages and software tools plus I have been involved with hundreds of software projects during these years.
I do programming because I enjoy it, I definitely love it, programming is my special power. through innovations in programming I see my value of life.

“The Only Way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

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