1. Software Architecture & Design

Architecture is the Map of your idea, One of the most interesting things in my field is Architecture also it’s the most important one and the hardest one. but I saw people don’t take it seriously, but there is 2 part here, first one is the architecture that client/your/idea-owner build with his/her idea but the second part is the one that puts it into action, where a technical person should see the first Architecture and make a roadmap how it can be possible to be implemented as software or service of technology. that’s where I came in, the technical part I can help you put your idea into action and see even how much you would need to implement or what options to make it better and/or cheaper, and also what way do you have or how you want to make money out of, do you want to be a Saas or not.

Architecture gives your everything you and your team need as a technical and non-technical, it’s the actual idea with all the logics.

Why It’s Important?

Architecture is the most important part of the software after have a big idea, and also its the most important part, I saw some people do not take it seriously for they think it’s an easy step but from my point of view it defines everything, it can be used to see how much it would really to be implemented and its the whole map of your hidden treasure and giving it time would help you a lot in all the other future steps.

On the development side you can hire a coder to code your app or idea by guiding him/her to what to do and the coder/developer are good at it and it’s easy to find someone and it’s cheap but if you don’t have proper Architecture of your Idea it’s going to be hell for you and the developer (especially if he is not experienced one) trust me I saw lots of project like that fail I mean most of the failed idea was exactly about the architecture.

Why Me for System Design and Architecture for your product?