Why being Afghan is Super Hard?

for an ambitious person like me, it’s super hard to settle and keep calm when it comes to climbing up the ladder, here in Afghanistan I was at the top of the ladder but as the world, I was nearly at the bottom, and I tried to get to a bigger world than Afghanistan with almost 0 technology.

but my mind was and is no limit to my country, so I thought it’s time to take another step

Find a relocation job:

in 2016-2017 I applied for a job in Germany, and I passed 2 stages, the technical test, and HR interview, but after they asked for my passport to prepare for contract and official paperwork, in a company that already hired people 14 different companies, they sent me an email one day before the final interview with management (we thought and our plans changed we don’t need this position at this moment).

I felt horrible and I knew why this happened, because before that a friend who was studying in Germany, sent me a list of jobs I could apply for because he told me that Germany is a place for you, you can get a job here with high pay and all the good options everyone wants, I applied for those jobs, but no replay which was really wired, or I was rejected so fast, he told me to remove the nationality from CV and right after that I could land 3 job interviews. and this was one of them, and all 3 of them ended fast after showing my nationality.

You might feel this maybe not, but as a person who worked really hard for all his life and losing like this is so damn wrong, if I fail at a test I would say it’s my fault, and I don’t blame the company, the last job I applied for that list from Germany startups, in the interview I opened up my heart for the guy who was a startup founder and CEO, I told him if you think that my nationality is the reason you will not accept me please tell me, I deserve that, and he told me very straight forward:

I spent millions on my company and lots of time, that got here now, and I personally can’t risk it for just an employee, I see you are intelligent and qualify for the job, but with even half percent of possibility that you are a terrorist or have connection with terrorist I could lose it all, so why should I hire you

and told him you are right, I stopped Applying for that kind of job.

PC: Rahil My 4 years old Daughter, I had no idea

but wait that’s not me, I am not quitter

so I thought that if that’s the case and I am fucked by nature and it’s a disability that I was born with I can’t change it, but what about remote job, where I can’t harm a company much even if I am a terrorist,

but still it was hard, most of jobs that are real jobs are in US or EU which makes it really hard for my timezone, until I get a job with SKMsys, and yes it was a company from a former supervisor, but it was a good start, and there it began getting go and Find few very good opportunities, until.

until a US-based company stole my 6 months of salary and very hard work, very Hard work, I had hopped that, that would be the company I will spend my life with. I will write another post for this.

the Why?

The first thing would be the country with terrorists as I mentioned above, it’s hard to trust my kind of nationality, and the other part as my perspective is the whole war thing, everyone thinks all of the afghans are with guns fighting with each other and do nothing maybe sometimes, betting their wives and girls, but that’s half of the story, there are people who want the peace and knows the value of the knowledge and like to go for it and there was a real experience even in technology, the US and international development organization spent billions on Afghanistan which almost all of them was based on technology and there should be a real experience for tech jobs.

My Home office in Herat 2018

What should we do about it?

it’s simple if you are not afghan, just give them a chance and trust them with smaller things maybe. and there should be NGOs that work on this kind of thing. we are humans too right?