Who are my clients

As an experienced software engineering consultant, I specialize in providing comprehensive solutions across all areas of software and product development. My expertise extends from assisting individuals with innovative ideas to guiding small businesses and organizations through the complexities of digital product development and lifecycle management.

Services Offered:

  • Technical Guidance for Individuals: For aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators with groundbreaking ideas, I offer hands-on technical support to kickstart their digital product development journey. From conceptualization to implementation, I help transform ideas into tangible solutions.
  • Small, Mid Business and Organizational Support: I collaborate with small businesses and organizations to establish robust software and product lifecycles. This includes talent acquisition, team organization, process optimization, and performance analysis. My goal is to empower clients with efficient workflows and measurable outcomes.

My Approach:

I believe in a holistic approach to software consultancy, focusing not only on technical excellence but also on aligning strategies with long-term business objectives. By fostering collaboration and implementing best practices, I help clients navigate the dynamic landscape of software development with confidence.

Recent Clients:

Here are some of the recent clients I’ve had the privilege to work with:

  • Mosaic Autos
  • Khorasan Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Unique Paint
  • Al-Ghurair Investment
  • SKMsys
  • MRRD
  • ClikGlobal
  • TAM Education
  • Habib Omid ltd
  • Lineage
  • World Vision International
  • Alcis Geo
  • Herat Diary Union
  • Click.af
  • Deqqat Financial Services
  • GIZ (FARM)
  • AKS Service Group
  • Graphic Box
  • Milma News/Radio
  • Blue media
  • Metamarketing
  • Asia TV
  • MRN Trade Co
  • ERS
  • ABC Transport Co