Who are my clients?

In the last 15 years, I worked with lots of people, businesses, and organizations.

As you know everything is connected to technology somehow and they need someone to do it. and worked in multiple areas of technology. and I showed the people that I can do it better.


if you are an individual and employee or some with an idea who wants to bring his/her idea into an app and make money out of it, I can be your tech guy from A to Z, lets build your app and make a gateway for your passive income.

Small Businesses

Technology Companies

I can help you if you need assistance in below area

  • Software Project Management, Estimations, Timeline.
  • Recruiting the right Developers, so you can save money and time.
  • Web Server Installation, Optimization, and Administration
  • PHP Application Development
  • Awesome UX and better/faster dynamic Interface with Javascript (Node.js)
  • Financial and non-financial Information Management Systems
  • Database Installation, Optimization, and Administration
  • Reporting and Analytic portal Development
  • Back-end Data Processing and Automation