Hi!, I am Naser

A meticulous and diligent professional with highly experienced in software management, systems architecture, enterprise application integration, application design, development, maintenance, and quality assurance spanning multiple industries.

I have a remarkable background in directing technical teams as well as projects from start to end, developing/executing strategic business plans and control structures for projects, and ensuring successful completion within time and budget.

My expertise lies in advanced development methodologies, tools, and processes; leveraged to design and roll out cutting-edge software applications.

I’m a tech-savvy leader with solid history of success in conducting training and development programs and building and managing cross-functional teams to achieve shared visions and goals.

I am confident that my wide range of knowledge and talents will allow me to contribute to the success of your company. While others take pride in meeting all standards set before them: my passion is for delivering service and leadership that goes beyond organizational expectations. Connect with me today or send me an email at [email protected] or contact me if you want to discuss additional details regarding my work experience and the skills I have to offer. I’m always interested in making new professional acquaintances!

My services and expertise extend beyond application and software development, however. I also have extensive expertise in areas including software design, quality assurance, testing, and architecture. As someone who keeps up with all modern technological innovations, too, I have expertise in cloud architecture development.

Whether you need an expert in software development and maintenance or you want to build an application from scratch, I am here to help.