Services I Offer

I help companies and individuals to build their App Idea (mobile, web, desktop), besides complete app development I can help with any technical consultation, Technical Recruitment, Team Building, and Process Automations.

Below are the Different Services that I offer.

1. Software Architecture & Design

Architecture is the Map of your idea, One of the most interesting things in my field is Architecture also it’s the most important one and the hardest one. but I saw people don’t take it seriously, but there is 2 part here, first one is the architecture that client/your/idea-owner build with his/her idea but the … [Read more…]

2. Development and Coding

For me the fun part but for you boring don’t get me wrong but you have to be patient on the stage of building your idea, as a developer or service provider it’s really hard to show a client a dummy or something broken because normally it gives you the feeling what the hell? is … [Read more…]

3. Cloud Structure/Configurations

haveing a product (software) is amazing but the next step would be an affordable cloud structure that can sastain and be realiable for your bueinsess but this is not an easy task, setting up an EC2 is easy but thats not the way a web online product will work and be sacleable at the same … [Read more…]

4. Optimizations and Support

Support and Optimization when you are actually in life is a key trust me, I have seen products and worked with them, even if you do have everything still there are rooms to have support and this is important to hire someone who understands the product and can fix things fast or add new features … [Read more…]