Test Projects that totally worth my time.

I always Loved programming more than anything and building things the could solve a problem was/is my best hobbies ever.

this are few Very Small Project I built for no money Just for Fun and test myself about things that I can do them. and I always knew that they won’t make me money but hell of a pride.

1. ILYN Utility Tools

ILYN a tweak for windows XP, maybe my first real product with VB (2000), it’s nothing compare to nowadays Software but as a 15 year old kid in the middle of no where (Afghanistan) that now one even know what the fuck was this, is super important for me.

unfortunately I don’have the source.

ILYN Utility Tools

Few Other Project form that Time and with VB that have.

2. Sobhan Keylogger V2

this is not good software in some cases but for me it was super awesome one, I worked on this Like give a birth to a baby, its was impossible to build such a thing that anti-virus won’t take it as virus for me for a kid it was not easy but I fucking did it and I still have the joy after finishing it.

actually I did work on a similar projects which was super awesome even more than this one but I don’t have any screenshot of source code because it did not have any front end, it was just a Trojan that goes to a users computer and stay there and give me super access to anything, it emails me all the key logs, screenshot of the client whenever I ask it to (with a console) and funny part was that anti-viruses could not detect it.

3. IT Manager, PC Controller

I was working in A British company in Kabul as IT Manager but it was not easy to control the bandwidth when lots of people trying to use Facebook during working hours, I know there are lots of software and tools that can/could do this, but for me it was a test, I had to do it myself I was a fucking proud programmer. and I did it well.

things that this little best can do (form a remote console)

  • Screenshot of the client
  • check and see the proccess user running
  • close any process, auto close if I enable it.
  • Remove USB drive (wont’let them connect until I disable it) to prevent viruses.
  • as we did not care if user use things during non-working hours this little app could let them do what ever they one out of working hours.
  • auto co lose Facebook, social media and download app. but they could use google for research.
  • Limit Bandwidth.

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